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Speaking on JavaFX at Jazoon '10

Posted by fabriziogiudici on April 8, 2010 at 4:59 AM PDT

A few days ago I got the confirmation that one of my talk proposals was accepted at Jazoon 2010 in Zurich. Now that the preliminary program has been made available, I can give you the details: I'll speak on Wednesday, June 2nd, in the second half of the 13:30 - 15:20 timeslot devoted to JavaFX. Being a "preliminary" program I suppose you'll have to check it again in the next weeks.

My presentation will be "Designing a JavaFX mobile application" and I'll illustrate how the blueBill Mobile application has been designed (ok, you caught me, I've still to publish a real website).

So, see you in Zurich!

PS There seems to be a good coverage about JavaFX at Jazoon 2010 (I've quickly counted five talks). I read, from the abstract of the presentation about JavaFX-desktop that comes right before mine: "Finally, we attempt a brief outlook at the future of JavaFX under the new ownership of Oracle". For JavaFX-desktop I think that the speaker(s) will be able to give a pretty good perspective. I'd like to be able to do that for what concerns JavaFX-mobile, but this is strictly related to the penetration of JavaFX in the mobile market. I've said what I think a few weeks ago: I really hope that by Jazoon time Oracle has announced something...

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Hi fabrizio !!

I couldn't be at jazoon, your talk looks promising and fantastic ! it seems that you and Kirill (apart from netbeans team) are the only client side java guys making javafx and swing being useful. I hope oracle will keep pushing javafx forward and give developers an alternative to swing. To be honest all projects we did/do in swing are really impossible to write in javafx as we got tons of information and complex UI interfaces. Wish you the best in your talk and please keep on the good job !

Thanks for the compliment -

Thanks for the compliment - but i'm just a single developer and blogger; there are plenty of people working with JavaFX today who are doing much much more than me. I think that the community is honestly doing its job. JavaFX desktop is ok in the plans by Oracle, the mobile thing needs a strong push now.