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Jazoon 2010 report

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 4, 2010 at 12:20 AM PDT

Yet Another Conference Is Over. It has been some great time and, after some doubts during the first morning, I must say that there were very good contents. Randomically talking with other people confirmed this opinion. Some sparse thoughts:

  • The talks I liked more:  “Objects of Value” by Kevin Henney; “Construction Techniques for Domain Specific Languages” by Neal Ford; “Do you really get class loaders” by Jevgeni Kabanov; “Building Data Rich Interfaces with JavaFX” by Stephen Chin; “JavaFX - The condemned live longer” by Andreas Fürer, David Sauter, Daniel Seiler; Essentials of Testing: The Tools You Need to Know by Bettina Polasek, Marco Cicolini; DROIDinfo and DROIDparade - Two Little Helpers for Android Developers, by Jörg Pleumann, Felix Jost.
  • Generally speaking, there were some good advanced and introductory talks, but it wasn't always easy to distinguish them from the title or the abstract. There has been some disappointments perceived in some cases. What about, for 2011, adding an easy label such as "Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced"?
  • I'm not convinced of the “short talk” formula... all the short talks I've attended were properly finished in their schedule, but they were good enough to deserve a full slot.
  • The food quality was good (and the quantity too...), I'd say the best so far for conferences I've attended.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to say a good number of JavaFX related talks and they were well attended.
  • I was also particularly pleased to say that the talk by Polasek / Cicolini, focused about testing, was attended by a very high number of persons, the room was packed and there were people sit on the staircases. Test culture spreading?
  • I was surprised, OTOH, to see only a short talk about Android. There were really no more good submissions? Or maybe the topic has been underestimated by the steering committee?
  • Also shame on Jazoon :-) for providing the mobile app with the agenda on iPhone only, and not on Android (at a Java conference!).
  • There was a specific “theme” about Eclipse RCP and I'd say that it's a big mistake to restrict the RCP area to Eclipse, as NetBeans RCP is widely used too. Looking better, though, the track included only three talks, one being indeed about JavaFX: the Eclipse RCP technology was only mentioned as being excluded because "Eclipse 3.5 does not meet the high graphical demands"... The other two were by the same speaker from EclipseSource. I think that more time should be given to the RCP area and focusing on customers with successful stories about it.
  • The weather in Zurich was bad, but there's nothing Jazoon can do about it.

Yes, I know, a big pitfall of Jazoon is the high price... but as the organizer said at the end of the show, there are two ways to attend it: buying a ticket or submitting a good talk...

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