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Day three at JavaOne

Posted by fabriziogiudici on September 22, 2010 at 2:55 PM PDT

Well, this morning I delivered my talk and, as usual, now I'm more relaxed. Things tried really to go wrong as my power plug adapter (that I've been using until this morning in the hotel) refused to work (hey, it's just a mechanical thing! No computer inside!) and the battery of my laptop wasn't charged enough to live until the end of the talk. Big thanks to Carlos Sanchez, that lent me a Mac power cable and saved the presentation.

Yesterday I had a further demonstration of how the primary job of a conference is meeting people enjoying a long chat with Gabriele Carcassi, fellow Java.Net blogger.

Since this morning I was busy with my talk, I didn't get any news - people kept on discussing the things that were announced the previous days. BTW, a funny joke is spreading, that the Open World attendees were not happy with Larry Ellison's keynote: too low level, as Larry mentioned a "CPU".

Last but not least, I can confirm that, in the end, the "scattered venues" approach really doesn't work, as I'm hearing more and more people complaining about the time wasted moving back and forth.

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Missed your talk

Unfortunately, work commitments put me in another talk that was the same time as yours.  Do you have an overview of the status updates? I am particularly interested in the status of BetterBeansBinding, which SwingLabs-Demos uses.