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The new JCP 2.6 is almost there. Do you have anything to say?

Posted by felipeal on September 2, 2003 at 9:18 PM PDT

The Java Community Process (or JCP) is the main responsible for Java being open and "democratic". Everything that is incorporated to the Java platform - from specific APIs to full J2SE versions - is created through Java Specification Requests (or JSRs), and everyone can propose a new JSR or participate in existing ones.

The current version of JCP is 2.5, but a new version (2.6) is being forged by JSR 215. JCP 2.6 will make it easier for people - specially developers - to participate in the process, which in turn will facilitate the job of spec leaders and expert group members. There is a good article recently published at Sun's about how these changes will make things easier overall, so I won't repeat these details here.

So, if you are already familiar with the JCP/JSR processes, I suggest you take a look on JSR 215 and express your opinions (and you should hurry, as the Community Review finishes on September 8th). If you are not, I strongly urge you to do so. After all, being part of the community is like being a citizen in a democracy.

PS: usually, the Community Review is available only for JCP members. But as JSR 215 is a JSR that updates the process of the JCP, the expert group opened the review to the public, in order to encourage everyone to review it and send them comments.

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