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A friendly warning about JavaOne submissions

Posted by felipeal on January 8, 2005 at 7:02 AM PST

As I (and many others) have mentioned earlier, the JavaOne call for papers is open.

But beware of the dog, I mean the submit button - this year the system has changed and once you click "Submit - Finalize" your submission is final.

Although this seems obvious for a "newbie" submitter, it is not for people that have submitted proposals in the previous years, as the old system allowed you to edit the submissions. In fact, you never actually finalized a submission, you could edit it until the last day. So I think they changed the system to speed up the selection process - once the submission is finalized, the Program Comittee could start evaluating it, without waiting for the final day.

I personally preferred the old system, specially when you have co-speakers and/or peers helping to review your submission. So, if you like this approach too, be careful and do these steps externally to the system, *before* submitting your proposal - once they're submitted, they're done.

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