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Installing Netbeans 5.5 "some large Sun-style name for stuff that changes name on each release" Preview on Mac OS X

Posted by felipeal on March 8, 2006 at 9:36 PM PST


I'm writing the web services material for Globalcode's brand new course on Java Enterprise development, so I decided to give NetBeans 5.5 Preview/Glassfish a try (after all, WS with annotations is one of the ease-of-development promisses of Java EE 5).

Currently, I have 2 systems: a Pentium III Linux desktop and a G4 Powerbook; I'm trying to use the Powerbook as primary development machine, so I went to NetBeans' site but for my (not so) surprise, there was no Mac OS X version (as there is no Mustang build as well...); OTOH, the release notes ( said:

NetBeans Enterprise Pack is also known to run on the following platforms:

*some unmentionable OS*
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