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The name is bound, Java EE bound

Posted by felipeal on July 31, 2006 at 6:53 PM PDT

The previous weblog says
JEE is The Official Acronym for Java Enterprise Edition
. That's not true - the new name for the technology formerly known as J2EE is - and always have been - Java EE.

If you don't believe me (after all, I'm not a Sun employee :-(, read the following message, sent to all SMI licensess (I'm such a licensee because I was awarded a TCK Scholarship a couple of years ago) last month:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: SMI-JavaLicenseeEngineering
Date: Jun 23, 2006 1:31 PM
Subject: Java Platform Naming Convention
To: SMI-JavaLicenseeEngineering

Back in 2005, Sun Microsystems announced a new Java naming convention,
whereby future versions of the platform would be called
“Java EE 5,” “Java SE 6," and “Java ME.”

However, over the last year we have noticed that a few members of the
Java community are using “JEE” and "JME," rather than
“Java EE” and Java ME." Unfortunately "JEE" has different meanings that
are not associated with Java technology. For example, a Google search on
"JEE" returns topics unrelated to Java EE.

We'd like to encourage you to spell out “Java” - i.e. Java EE, Java SE,
and Java ME – especially in external communications, such as websites
and blogs.

Please take a few minutes to understand the reasons for the new naming
schema, which are spelled out in this article.

Also, take advantage of the resources available, including the FAQs, and
the 1-pager with the naming guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Additional resources: Graham Hamilton's Blog:

Thank you, Java community, for your support! Use the Java name and keep
growing your momentum.

So, if you are convinced now, please do your part and spread the word (I hope I have done mine :-).

My 2 rants,

-- Leme, Felipe Leme

PS: the above message is reproduced here with proper authorization...

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