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Hello, McFly?

Posted by felipeal on February 12, 2007 at 3:26 PM PST

I have this blog for a long time - in fact, I think I was one of the first 100 or so weblogers, as I joined it shortly after JavaOne 2003. Still, I haven't blogged that much (just 22 entries in 41 months), specially last year (only 4 semi-crappy posts).

There are many reasons for this inactivity, but I guess the main one is lack of time, aggravated by lack of interest. But the good new is, this year I am in an overall better mood, so I write more frequently. At least, I will try to write about some topics I've been queuing over the months, such as:

  • suggestion for a new (useless :-) Java keyword
  • an useful Mozilla/Linux tip
  • rants about Ubuntu
  • JUnitFactory and its possibilities
  • nice-to-have Google features
  • Java EE productivity
  • Netbean issues
  • Eclipse improvements
  • cool Eclipse tips
  • Cactus and DbUnit 'state of union'
  • useful annotations usage
  • JCP, OSS and personal expectations
  • ... and so on

Of course, the fulfilment of this promise is subject to the conditions of time, mood, and good will - most likely I will procrastinate it, but I will try my best to write about at least the first 4 or 5 items....

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