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Java significance

Posted by felipegaucho on October 26, 2005 at 10:35 AM PDT

These days I was explaining to a cartoon designer about the need of a logo for my OpenSource projects,
and he asked me about the theme he should use in order to create such logos. I gave him some words like freedom,
technology and JAVA and we started to discuss about something different, something very creative. "Java?" he asked me
- "Yes, Java I answered" - the strange spot of this conversation was due to the several meanings for this exotic word: Java.

Well, after few minutes I got the enumeration below:

  1. a software technology
  2. a tropical paradise in Indonesia
  3. a board game
  4. a cachaça
  5. an antropologic artifact
  6. bird trees
  7. a coffee

If you know about another interesting facts related to the word Java, please let me know.

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