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Basic Concepts about Object Orientation (a quiz)

Posted by felipegaucho on July 17, 2006 at 12:44 AM PDT

One of the most tricky parts to learn Object Orientation is the concept of classification.
The task of separating entities of the real word in groups and then enumerating the
characteristics of each group seems quite simple for experienced programmers but could be messy
for novice students. The discussion about the fundamentals of classification is very important
to establish a baseline about what are classes. A clean explanation about this subject
is a challenge for the teachers and the fluency about the OO terminology is the first duty for
absolute beginners in Java or any other object oriented programming language. This test is not
closed to Java - it was created to be independent of programming languages.

The audience: this test could be useful for teachers interested
in offer their pupils a revision material and also to interchange ideas about how to enhance the
OO teaching methodologies. The students of introductorial classes about Java and OO could
check their knowledge and discuss variations about the answers. The feedback from the students brainstorm
and also from the teachers usage of this material is the most valuable result I can expect from
this text. The questions below are the result of a continuous effort in order to facilitate
the learning of the basic concepts of classification. If you remember an amazing question -
the one that helped you to figure out the idea of classes, objects and its relationships,
post your comments on the bottom of this page.

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This section presents a set of questions about classification. Some questions refers to controversial
subjects and could let a student to spend hours thinking about that. Don

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