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The Dublin Java Meetup Group

Posted by felipegaucho on July 25, 2006 at 2:45 PM PDT

Evening at
, a glass of wine and some French cheese, my body relaxes after
a nice bike trip across the
Meurthe River, my notebook connecting to
Ireland -
tonight is my first virtual meeting with the Java Community of Dublin.

The Dublin Java Meetup Group

The The Dublin Java Meetup Group (DJMG)
is an initiative to connect Irish people
interested in Java technologies. It is a monthly event organized by Jakub Korab.
The description of the meeting goals can be found at
the DJMG website:

    The DJMG is the place to connect with fellow Java professionals. We
    give you the opportunity to meet with other developers to cut through
    vendor hype, compare battle scars, and toss around ideas. New members
    of all experience levels welcome.

The community discussing What technologies should I be learning...

The starter topic of the last night was What technologies should I be learning
in the next 12 months?
. The meeting had about fifteen people and the discussion
was focused on the innovative technologies such as EJB3 and JPA. The complexity of the
new J2EE5 platform and also the tools required to produce good J2EE
applications were also discussed with enthusiasm. Other topics presented were about
the profusion of the web frameworks and what will really survive for the time. Many
other topics were suggested, but I will stop here to shorten this blog entry (the full conversation is available here).
The audience was plenty of professionals and also students, the level of the discussion
was quite impressive.


As a foreign person I can't figure out how the Ireland Java community works
and even less from just one experience, but the feeling after two hours of talking
with the Irish fellows is that Ireland can be a great Java experience. The
software market of Ireland seems growing quickly and the extroverted nature of the
Irishes makes the conversation very easy.

That's it, it is midnight here in France and I am just posting this entry to remember
the nice country of Ireland, perhaps a good place to visit and also to talk about Java.
You are all invited to join the next virtual meeting - and also to drink some
pints of Guiness :).