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Special offer to Java Champions and JUG leaders on Jazoon'07

Posted by felipegaucho on January 15, 2007 at 6:15 AM PST

In recognition of the great job done by Java Champions and JUG leaders around the world, the Jazoon committee decided to offer a special condition for them: free tickets for Jazoon'07. And even better, each of them can invite a Java member of their community to come for free also. The idea is that the Champions and JUG leaders identify remarkable members of their community and take these guys to the event - promoting the sinergy between the remarkable community members. Imagine the happiness of a guy being chosen by his community for attend an international conference for free? This guy can be you, just ask your JUG leaders about it.

All details about the Conference fees and conditions can be found here or through this address:

    Important notes:

    • It is 2 free tickets per JUG. It means if your JUG has more than 1 JUG leader, you must select one of them to receive the free tickets.
    • Participating JUGs are asked to do some endorsement of the event, like the logo of the event on the JUG page and/or some advertisement about the event during the JUG meetings.
    • The choice of the second free ticket beneficiary is solely up to the responsibility of the JUG leaders and Java Champions.

JUGs support for Jazoon'07

JUG members and leaders will receive a special support during the event - including the visibility of every community through exibhition of logos and jug leaders BOF. The special good news for your JUG members is that every JUG member pay half-price during the Early Bird registration until March 31st, 2007. Considering the registration is including food & beverages, we expect a large number of Java Champions and JUG members circulating within the event lounge. It will be a special ocasion to get in touch with other cultures and communities, discussing how they promote Java in different parts of the world. The events to promote the communication between the JUGs members include a BIG OPEN PARTY for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Switzerland Java Users Group - JUG'S - The party will be open for all Java community including free beverage.


Prices and official registration page

There is a lot of more information on the Jazoon official web site, just go there and check the best condition for you and your company. If you have questions, just ask the Jazoon'07 customer support team.

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