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The name is One, JavaONE !

Posted by felipegaucho on March 11, 2007 at 1:58 PM PDT

Last week I received the news I expected the most: I was confirmed to go to JavaONE 2007. My last decade of Java living was a crazy moving on and passionate experience. I am leading a community, which has more than thousand people who are there working and promoting Java everyday :) during these last 8 years I tried 8 times to go to JavaONE. This year I am coming :)))))))

A decade of great Java experiences

I started Java more than ten years ago, in the university, using beta 1 release :) since then I am passionately fond of Java, I became Java developer, then I took a MsC in AI, then I became a teacher of Java in universities...10 years promoting Java in Brazil. During this trajetory I moved from Rio Grande do Sul to Ceará - from one of the richest to one of poorest states of Brazil: great lessons about the identity of my own country and about different cultures. Remember those tragic images of poverty on CNN? I was near there wearing my Java t-shirt, talking about Java :) During my 8 years at Ceará I founded a JUG and I promoted Java due to just 1 reason: I love this Java technology :)

JUGs and the power of the community colaboration

Celebrating my first JavaONE is natural for me to remember the communities that helped me to get there. The wonderful Ceara people from CEJUG, the gauchos from RSJUG, the mailing lists from the giant SouJava and the powerful JUG from Brasilia - as well as many others.

Other community I am very grateful to is I was one of the early members of, where I created two open source projects and made a lot of new friends. During the last years I received an excellent support from the leaders, including people from Collabnet, the evangelists from SUN and anonymous colleagues. Few days ago I received an invitation from the leaders to go to JavaONE - as JUG leader and blogger. They offered me some support to facilitate my presence at the top one conference. Reading the mail, I felt part of a group, I felt I was not dreaming alone anymore. It was the same fantastic feeling when I used to speak about Java technologies in my JUG meetings and mailing lists, without money and without much support - just for the pleasure of sharing the passion about a technology, just to be there, just to be part of the Java world.

Maturity: the right job in the right company (Netcetera AG)

Passion itself is not enough to make our dreams come true, we also need financial and family support. Guided by this moto, I followed a nomadic carrier, changing from companies and places in the hope of finding a better company to join in. First priority: the safety and happiness of my family, second priority: a company where I would like to work at. After a decade, I finally figured out about companies ontology, and I also learned about human relationships and about what I really was looking for: a company which could give me a chance to extend my limits, to produce innovative and profitable solutions, a company in which I could be in symbiosis with.

Last year I moved again, first to France and then to Switzerland. During the first six months in Europe, I visited several job sites, applied my cv to dozens of companies all over the continent and finished my search with two or three good offers. The final decision was quite hard, but at the end I bet on a company that offered me something very special: education. Beyond the common package of benefits based on competitive salary, vacations and other details, this swiss company offered me a chance to get some days every year for my own education, including some budget to support it. It means I can plan to attend conferences, technical courses or any other event that enhance my professional skills and give to the company some differential. Another detail that catched my attention was about the qualification of the team, including several PhD and MsC members. Yes, this company exists, it is called Netcetera AG and they have always an open position* for smart people ;) - *if you are eligible to work in Switzerland.

This year I planned JavaONE as part of my education package, and the company accepted to support part of my conference fees and transportation. Now I know that joining Netcetera AG was not only a lucky move, it was a mature choice based on the feeling that a company in which managers mention the word education during the job interview has a superior concept about the relationship between business and people.

Next step: JavaONE 2007

The next blog entries will cover my expectations about the conference and all logistics of a novice attendee. If you have tips about that, or if you want to share some beers during the event, just post a comment ;)

Join Me at the 2007 JavaOne Conference Event Connect Tool!

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