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JavaOne 2007 - That's is big!

Posted by felipegaucho on May 8, 2007 at 8:58 PM PDT

Thousand people and the big players talking about the event perspective. The highlights for me were:

  • Java 100% Open Source: finally the great news was published out there - Java is definitely free for use, copy and distribution under GPLv2
  • Java FX: an impressive version of rich client platform that promises integration between desktop and mobile applications. The rapid application development is also another quite impressive feature, and the creators of the new technology commented about just three days to create a fully featured application with an amazing graphical interface. They also presented the same framework playing on top of mobile phones and the outlook of the FX seems really good.
  • Education: a different moment during the introductorial sessions: Dr. Djibril Diallo spoke about 1.5 bilion people starving around the world, and ask the developer to help him to push a better life quality through sports. It was a really fascinating moment, some one keeping technology subkect quiet for few minutes and remember the crowd about we all are part of the same society, the global one. Jonathan Schwartz explained the strategies SUN is looking to join in order to connect people using Java technologies.
  • Passion: I could talk for hours here about everything is happening around me, but there is only one clear message: I love Java. Several times during the General Session I got completely moved about the Java technologies and its community. Watching a powerful SUN showing up on the stage was another wonderful feeling - forget about that conspiracy theories about the weakness of SUN, the company still alive and more powerful than ever. The new age is starting and we will be there to enjoy all the innovation that is coming.

It is just the beginning - it will be an amazing week. See you at the pavilion.

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