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NetBeans World Tour takes Europe this weekend

Posted by felipegaucho on June 18, 2007 at 1:05 AM PDT

For countries around Switzerland, NetBeans Day is a rare opportunity to check
the Netbeans Team showing all features of the IDE and also introducing
the novelties being develop to the Netbeans 6.0. Next Saturday, 23 of June 2007.

I attended the Netbeans Day at San Francisco, and the conference day
was fantastic. All those old myths about productivity and interoperability are
dismissed on the stage and they introduces JRuby, NB6 power tools and
several other practical and real world examples.


Technologies are becoming more sophisticated and the discussion about
development tools and its productivity and usability are a
hype topic everywhere.
Despite all levels of purism there is this common feeling that is almost impossible
to keep competitive without good supporting tools. This NetBeans day is a chance to
you give the IDE a new chance, a second review. After a long time eclipsed by the concurrents,
NetBeans is receiving a strong investment from Sun as part of its strategies of moving from software to business consulting market.
All this investment will be released
in November 2007
, and if you want to have few months of advantage in preparing your team for the
next generations of Java IDEs, it is time to check it out :)

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