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Black Belt results at Jazoon'07

Posted by felipegaucho on July 2, 2007 at 11:45 AM PDT

The prizes and and the competition format were very attractive: 5 questions about Java SE, with
victory criteria based on velocity and precision. With that in mind I showed up in the competition
arena trying to be as fast as possible - a strategy mistake I figured out few minutes later.

The questions were really not so hard, but you know, all that minor details about immutable classes
and types are the known enemies since my first Java certification. I really don't know what I
missed exactly because after finishing my session I forgot to check the summary presented in the screen, we were all having a great moment with a lot of fun, so I shall remember next time to check better what is
going on around my competition cockpit.

I am not sure if spending more time would be helpful to my plans, but at least I had the honor to be the
fastest competitor :) The competition was wonderful, Black Belt is definitely suggested to be present in all
conferences because it helps people integration and it is a lot of fun. See you in the next arena.

Jazoon'07 Final Standings
Place Name Country time correct answers
1th Júlio Faerman Brazil 2 min 04 seg 5 / 5
2th Perica Milosevic Serbia 2 min 11 seg 5 / 5
3th Dinko Srkoč Croatia 3 min 21 seg 5 / 5
4th Nikola Postolov Macedonia 7 min 08 seg 5 / 5
5th Felipe Gaúcho Brazil 1 min 15 seg 4 / 5

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