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Cejug-Classifieds alpha @ Devoxx

Posted by felipegaucho on December 11, 2008 at 5:30 AM PST

Cejug-Classifieds is an under working project to experiment all features of Java EE 5 - security, transactions and dependency injection delegated to the Java EE container.

The good news, it works :) even in alpha state, the first features of the project started calling attention, specially questions like:

  1. How to use security with the container?
  2. Can I use transactions and JPA without Hibernate?
  3. How it runs without configuring any database?

There is a lot more, but this blog is to invite you to try our online demo:

Click here to try the JSF GUI. You can ask a test password sending an email to me: fgaucho gmail dot com

Click here to try the RIA administration console.

Click here to try the restful web-feeders. A hack: you should pass the category number as parameters, like ?category=3

The last but the most important link: Click here if you want to checkout the code and if you want to know more about the project.


Remember: this is alpha, the graphical interfaces were done just to demonstrate the project and not to challenge the world of graphical designers (btw, we are looking for a good volunteer in that topic). The cool features are for the moment in the server-side, where you can find SOAP and REST working together.. plus some nice tricks with Java EE and Glassfish


The demo links are broken :-(

Congrats on the release Felipe. Nice chatting with you at Devoxx. I hope GlassFish keeps you "refreshed" from your other J2EE environment at work for a lot longer! :)

Congrats my friend! I know how happy you feel for this moment.