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Footprint BRU released during Devoxx 08

Posted by felipegaucho on December 9, 2008 at 5:43 AM PST

Devoxx 2008 rocks, a beautiful and very well organized conference at Antwerp, Belgium. This year, they invited me to talk about my open source projects - a perfect moment to publicize my projects and also an opportunity to say thanks for the hospitality of the Belgium people releasing a Footprint version with the name of the Brussels Airport.

Footprint BRU

Today, 9th of December 2008, we released the new version of Footprint - enhanced with some new features:

  • Config documentation
  • Updated third-party libraries
  • ANT task and Maven goal - it is just alpha right now, but should be stable during the next few weeks.
  • Quality Assurance server
  • Post-processing feature - you can configure what to do with the file after sending through email.
  • Developers' documentation
  • Reviewed code, less bugs and warnings, better performance.

I am still in the conference, attending right now the impressive presentation about graphical interfaces with Romain Guy..

Not much time to blog, but I would like to announce our latest release: Click here to try Footprint BRU

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