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My slides from Devoxx 2008

Posted by felipegaucho on December 21, 2008 at 12:24 PM PST

Quickies are a nice opportunity to introduce a new project and
train your presentation skills during Devoxx conference and, in 2008, I
had the privilege to present 3 Quickies about my Open-Source projects.
Unfortunatelly Quickies are not recorded (I would love to
check my own performance in order to make it better in the future
), but
at least I can offer you the slides. If you were there and/or if you
have questions about the slides, please get in touch through email or
leave your comments below.

* Click on the images to download the PDF slides.

Slides Details
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- Events Participation Certificates
December, 12:45-13:00)
: Footprint Project is out there for a while,
and it is being adopted by a growing number of JUGs and schools to
distribute course completion and events participation certificates.
The goal of this quickie is to outline the project's goals and current
available features and briefly demonstrate how easy is to produce
certificates for your next JUG meeting.
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Matters - the smallest Atom publisher in the world
December, 13:10-13:25)
: Atom pub and RSS are two of most common data
formats used in the Internet content publishing. The syntax of these
format are described in XML, a markup language to describe
hierarchical models that can be mapped to data models used by Object
Oriented Languages, such as Java. The easy mapping between XML data
and Java Classes inspired the development of several frameworks to
handle the marshaling of Java Objects in to XML documents and the
counter part unmarshalling of XML documents as Java Objects.
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(11th December, 13:10-13:25):
CEJUG-Classifieds is a 100% pure Java classified advertising system, a
JUG project that aims to solve the eternal problem of blatant
marketing in discussion lists and technical forums. Instead of
regulations and flames, we offer a web system able to promote the
harmony between the market demands and the community privacy, and let
JUG around the world to manage an advertisement system - eventually in
a profitable manner.
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