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Eclipse Community Awards Winners Announced: NeTS is finalist

Posted by felipegaucho on March 24, 2009 at 5:42 AM PDT

I usually don't publish any company related news here but this
one is special: the NeTS
was announced finalist in the Best Commercial RCP
category of the href=''>Eclipse
Community Awards 2009. The great winner of this category was a project
called Chord Scale
and the other finalist was the href=''>ECR
- Enregistrement Centralisé en Réseau.

The power of community recognition

To make good contracts and sustain a profitable business
depends on business expertise and quality of the the management
boards, but to code products that also receives the community
recognition is something else - a plus in terms of software quality
engineering and a prize for any company that reaches this level of
competence - including Netcetera
. I am not surprised because the Swiss profile is always focused on
quality and also because I know the processes and the developers that
made NeTS possible, but it is a nice moment to say congratulations
NeTS team

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What is NeTS?

NeTS is an acronym for href=''>Network-wide Track
Management System, a rich client application that allows the Swiss
Federal Railways (SBB - Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) to organize its
trains timetable. To have a better dimension on the challenge of this
project, I copied some quotes from the SBB web site:

  • Every year, SBB transports about 306 million passengers and
    54 million net tonnes of freight
  • The Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) manages to operate 96.2% of
    all trains with less than 5 minutes of delay.
  • The demand is increasing - 6% last year in passenger traffic

Currently planned hardware expansion, with new routes and
double capacity trains, is not likely to be ready until 2014. This
situation motivated the desire to better exploit existing
infrastructure using more ambitious software, hence the Network-wide
Track Management System (NeTS).

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The project has a lot of href=''>technical
details, but the important message to remember from this blog is: if you
are traveling by train in Switzerland, the timetable of your train was
planned with NeTS :)