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Google App Engine to support Java applications

Posted by felipegaucho on April 8, 2009 at 12:36 AM PDT

The world of computing is recognizing once more the power of the Java platform as the de facto standard in producing quality software for diverse devices - including web browsers accessing services available in the cloud computing.

After a growing number of articles discussing the problems of the so called lightweight technologies, it is time for Google to endorse the strengths of Java - specially the number and the quality of the java engineers. The new offer of Google is a clear statement that something was missing in the app engine and - mainly - that's great news for the Java community.


I just registered my account here, and I can't tell much about the new possibilities of Java App Engine, but I am quite optimistic about it and I recommend you to give it a try - let's see.

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They say that "Add Java support" was at the top of their issue list... Yes, sometimes there's a hype storm, but the Java vessel after a while comes out of it...