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5 minutes with ICEfaces during JavaOne 2009

Posted by felipegaucho on June 1, 2009 at 5:14 PM PDT

What is ICEfaces?

ICEfaces is an Open Source JSF library that provides very easy of
use Ajax Push and other advanced features.

What is the key advantage of ICEfaces?

We have a unique feature that caches the DOM model in the server
side and it is able to respond to AJAX calls (or push operations) just
with the part of the DOM actually modified in the server side. This
makes the roundtrip lighter in the presentation layer and helps the
developer to not worry about the different components interacting with
the same DOM. This feature is transparent for the developers and it is a
nice differential of ICEfaces.

How it compares with the other JSF implementations? Richfaces or
Trinidad, for example.

There are several small differences but one remarkable feature is
the rendering of the GUI. In frameworks like Richfaces, we need to
specify what part of the document will be re-rendered after an AJAX call
or after receiving a content pushed by the server. With ICEfaces you
don't, it is just automatic.

Can you open some feature coming during the next releases? Some
cutting edge news for the readers?

Servlet 3.0 and JSF 2.0 supporting in the next releases and in a
more mid-term range we will offer a new technology called broadcasting
. It will allow the sharing of views in large scale.

Last question is about the company: where is it from and how many
people are working in ICEfaces?

ICEsoft was founded in Canada, Calgary Alberta, and we have
about 25 people in our headquarter. Outside Canada, we have about 30
people spread over Switzerland (Bern), Spain (Valencia) and Italy
(Rome). The European part of the team works for a Swiss company called
Mimacom AG.

Wow, a nice place to ask for a smart job :)

Sure, we are always looking for smart geeks an business partners,
just come to visit us at the booth #327 and collect your t-shirt (or ask for a job).


ICEfaces @ JavaOne 09, from left to right: Rob Lepack, Judy Guglielmin, Micha Kiener, Jack Van Ooststroom and Brad Kroeger.

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