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5 minutes with Jetty during JavaOne 2009

Posted by felipegaucho on June 2, 2009 at 3:16 PM PDT

The reception on the Webtide booth was already quite agile
since they asked me to open the help of the Eclipse and Jetty was
already there - awsome!

Tell me about Jetty.

Jetty is both a web application server and a web client
, because you have the HTTP server and you also have some
asynchronous features that enabled the Jetty to be used also as
middleware between its clients and another servers. If a web application
is dependent on external services and Jetty receives a call, the
application can suspend the request while waiting the response from the
external services. Once it receives this response Jetty wake up the
process and do respond the original request.

Cool, what else is remarkable about Jetty?

We believe a good news is about the adoption of Jetty as the
Google App Engine Java service and also the perception that Jetty is
adopted everywhere like Android Phones and several other devices and

And compared to other servers? Where is the market of Jetty and
where it is preferable to use another servers?

Jetty is a first class HTTP server, so if your application is
distributed on the web in a pure RESTful way, Jetty should be your
choice because it is robust, scalable and very fast. It is excellent for
example to distribute embedded servers over the cloud due to its very
small footprint. From the other point of view, if you need something
outside HTTP like EJBs, you can continue to use Jetty to serve the HTTP
contents but you will need something else to support the non-HTTP

The last question I have is about the company, who is behind the Jetty?

Webtide is an american company founded in 1995 in Los Angeles
(Java 0.9), we were the first HTTP server produced with Java. Today we
have offices on Italy, Australia and Philippines. We are less than a
dozen developers but we believe we can leverage good quality while we
focus in simplicity.

Greg Wilkins and Adam Lieber at the Jetty Booth JavaOne 2009