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Cejug-Classifieds got a 2nd place at InfoBrasil Conference

Posted by felipegaucho on June 3, 2009 at 11:25 PM PDT

InfoBrasil - TI &

InfoBrasil is the
second biggest Information Technology fair in Brazil, with main focus on
business opportunities and industry networking. In 2009 the event is
celebrating its 15th edition with a special program and the
participation of entrepreneurs, academic researchers and students.
InfoBrasil also includes a technology congress with prizes to the best
papers. Cejug-Classifieds got the second place on this competition.

Cejug-Classifieds - the second place of InfoBrasil 2009

is a project to develop an open source classifieds system based
on SOAP web-services. The winner paper during InfoBrasil described the
business model and the technical details of the project. Since I am in
California, the paper was presented by href="">Árisson
Leal, one of the collaborators of the project. Árisson did the JSF GUI
of our prototype and now he bring us the second place with a good
presence on the InfoBrasil stage. The three best papers will also be
published in a special issue of the conference magazine (only in Portuguese).

The ranking of InfoBrasil 2009:

  1. Secure Partitionning of Code

    by Luiz Gonzaga Mota Barbosa, Leandro Jales Martins, André
    Santos (Federal University of Ceará - UFC) and Pablo Ximenes (UPRM)

  2. Cejug-Classifieds Online Classifieds System

    by Árisson Pontes Leal (Teleinformatics Engineering Department -
    DETI) and Felipe Gaúcho (Netcetera AG - Switzerland)

  3. Efficient Processing of Queries in a Mediation
    System based on XML

    by George Marcel Teixeira, Vânia Vidal and João Carlos Pinheiro
    (Federal University of Ceará - UFC)

Below are some links that help you to know more about the
Cejug-Classifieds project:

  • href="">The
    live Cejug-Classifieds demo - be my guest to register and publish your
    ads there.
  • The
    project at
  • href="">The
    SOAP server online
  • href="">The
    slides of my presentation during Devoxx 2008
  • href="">The
    official winners announcement of InfoBrasil 2009

Last but not the least: THANKS for all project
collaborators and all people that gave us hints and collaborated with
the code of the Cejug-Classifieds Project
. And a special thanks to for hosting my projects for free, it is common nowadays but it
wasn't when I started all my projects there - I will be always thankful for that. I guess I will drink a beer or two during the after dark party of
JavaOne to celebrate the second place of my paper :)

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