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Gate 66 San Francisco

Posted by felipegaucho on June 6, 2009 at 6:47 AM PDT

JavaOne is over now, a week of strong networking and some news from the Java Universe and its business. I need to wait more one hour to my boarding time, so I guess it is a good moment to a draft of topics I can remember after the last night at the Chieftain:

  1. Pervasive JavaFX: this was the technology of this JavaOne, it was quoted in almost all sessions I attended. A young technology (miles to go) but even Larry Allison quoted JavaFX on the stage, so I guess JavaFX will receive a nice budget all over 2009.
  2. Java EE 6: the features of Java EE 6 was highlighted during JavaOne: EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, Servlet 3.0, Glassfish v3, etc. In a short sentence: Spring what? :)
  3. Glassfish team: this year we had a lot of Glassfish technologies on the stage and we had also the Meet the Glassfish team BOF. A remarkable moment for me since they invited me on the stage and honored me with a community recognition prize. I work with Glassfish for two years and I talk with those guys almost everyday during all this time, but it was my moment at JavaOne and I will never forget that. Just amazing :) THANKS GLASSFISH TEAM :)
  4. JavaFX phone.. did I told about JavaFX yet? :)
  5. I met Paul Deitel.. another remarkable moment since I helped in reviewing one of his books fews years ago.
  6. Netbeans team, thanks for the beers guys :)
  7. The certification program will change the format: no more memory tests, now it will become hands on oriented, topcoder competition style
  8. The ecology hype was there, including an amazing car powered by Perrone ...
  9. corner was impressive this year, with the podcasts and all friendly staff from
  10. Brazilian Digital TV all over, with Japanese attendees and Mulatas on the demo :)
  11. The social networking and the parties are still fun :) and this year the technology teams distributed more and better contents. The JCP champagne, the J2SC sushi, the JavaFX exotic snacks, the Glassfish beers, the community large beers, etc.. well done SUN.
  12. The robotic was impressive as usual, including a new competition between the American kids.
  13. Simon Ritter and Caicedo showing up nice demos.
  14. Microsof and SUN demonstrating the METRO results after all these years of joint efforts - nice quality.
  15. Mobility, ad hoc networks and mobile phones as part of several demos, a commodity in the Java world - including the starring JavaFX phone.
  16. Netbooks are the fever.

well, they are calling here... perhaps I find some time to blog during my flight.. and I hope they launch the air internet asap, then the flights will become less boring :)

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