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Pocket guide to Jazoon 2009

Posted by felipegaucho on June 21, 2009 at 6:14 AM PDT

Java conferences are always a joy of technology and networking
but sometimes we just miss its surroundings because it is quite
difficult to concentrate in our lives while we are exposed to a large
amount of cool information. Good meals, city attractions and a lot of
interesting moments are just skipped in favor of the Java novelties on
the stage. The more you participate of such events, the more you learn to offer
your geek mood a chance to check different cultures and to learn
different things. During the recent JavaOne I did not attended much
extra-conference events, and I definitely didn't check San Francisco as
it deserves. In part because Java was my only focus during the conference
but it was also because I really don't know much about San Francisco.

Thinking about the large number of geeks arriving at Z

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The Tram 13 takes ten minutes between the stations Bahnhofstrasse to Sihlcity Nord. You can access, change the language to English and then do a search with these two stations: from: "Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse/HB" to "Zürich, Sihlcity Nord". The Bahnhofstrasse is about 100m from the front door of the main train station.

Hi Felipe, thank you for the informations. I wanted to know : how long does it take to go from the main train station to Sihlcity? See you at the conference Christophe

I ended up getting a "ZurichCARD". You're right about the public transportation, it's even better than what I remember from Tokyo and Osaka. Not sure why they post time tables, in the time it takes to read one, the next train/tram/boat seems ready to go.