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SUN Certification Model getting much better

Posted by felipegaucho on June 17, 2009 at 1:02 AM PDT

The SUN Certification Reception during JavaOne brought us one of the most wanted news: the memory tests will be replaced by real coding certification. We can wait the new certification model up to the the end of this year as far I remember (the drinks and cocktails were really competing with the front speakers.. remarkable party).

I am still looking for official pages about that great news, but the crowd on the St Regis Hotel got delighted with the announcement of the replacement of that boring memory tests by real programming certification. They showed a programming console (Topcoder style) where the new certification tests will take place. Apparently the developers will receive problems description and they will have a limited time to code the solution - verified automatically and further manually (not sure about this point).

Another great after hours activity, this one I was eager to blog live but it was few minutes before my JUG leader BOF and before the great Glassfish BOF, so I took my sushi and run back to the pavilion.

For the ones at Z