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Posted by felipegaucho on July 22, 2009 at 8:02 AM PDT

Winter time in Porto Alegre, nice time for a long chimarrão with my family and also a good time to finally met some of my virtual friends from the RSJUG - one of the oldest and most active JUGs in Brazil.

The Java agenda of my holidays in Brazil started with a brief visit to DATACOM - a leading telecom solutions provider. After a brief talk with the DATACOM Java developers I brought them a Sentilla Kit as gift. Some of the engineers are already trying innovation on top of the small gadget. My impression about DATACOM is the best as possible, and I believe we will heard more about the company in the near future.

After the corporate visit, time to say hello for the people I talk through email since my faculty times. Yesterday I met the RSJUG leaders in a BBQ near my house. The agenda was all about PUJ and the professional perspectives of the local market - including the curiosities about my recent migration to Europe.

Nice times, family, friends and barbecues at South of Brazil. For the ones that already visited Porto Alegre, you know how serious is the word barbecue over here :)

My holidays continues and Thursday evening I will check the Bar Dinorah from my old friends Duda & Bea. It is always recharging to met friends, the old ones and the new ones I am collecting along my trip to my born city. If you are at Porto Alegre and want to try Java with fries, be there at 20:00.. :)

From the left: me and my wife Alena, Paulinha and Igor Poltosi, and from RSJUG: Gustavo Bahnert, Igor Montezano, Leandro Nunes and Giovani Salvador

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Nice time there. See you.