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Speaking at Jfokus 2010

Posted by felipegaucho on November 2, 2009 at 7:31 AM PST

My presentation about exposing Domain Models through RESTful
Web-Services has been accepted at Jfokus, a Java conference to happen
in January 2010 in the Kingdom of Sweden. The presentation will be the result of my
experiences designing and implementing the href="">Arena PUJ Project,
a Java EE application full of learning opportunities. Arena is an online
system to support PUJ
but the main goal of the project is to be an open lab for
the ones interested in learning the new Java EE technologies - specially
the ones included in the href="">Glassfish

What is Domain Driven REST Web-Services?

To make the long story short:

It is a technique to expose
database data through RESTful web-services, giving the service publisher
a fine grain control over which column of the database can be exposed to
which client application.

At first sight, most of my friends do a shit
face when they listen the sentence "expose database on the web",
but after checking the code most of them agree I am finding a good way
of doing that. The code is already on the web, the technique works and
some results are online for testing, now it is time to honor the
invitation of Jfokus preparing a sound and entertaining presentation.

What else to expect from my presentation at Jfokus? Live demo
with source code available and a lot about Java EE 6 technologies:
RESTful web-services with Jersey+JAXB, EJB3.1, JMS+JavaMail and JPA2.0.
I also have some GUI prototype produced by third party students,
including Vaadin,
JSF2.0 and href="">DWR. Also: I am a Java developer who likes Eclipse and Maven as building tools, sou you wil have a chance to listen someone talking about Glassfish without Netbeans ;).

A lot to do, an exciting challenge ahead and a lot of personal
curiosity about Sweeden as well. Checking the href="">speakers
list and also reading about the past events, I am sure January
2010 will be the time for a hot Java in Stockholm

Collaboration opportunity

For the ones patient enough to click on the links above, you may
notice that the web-tier is the weak part of the project. My
presentation is about the integration between the persistence layer with
the service layer and I won't have time to demonstrated GUI features
in details. But if you work with a cool GUI technology and you want to apply that in other projects (or just if you plane to learn that), please
send me an email and we can try to do something up to the
conference. The same stands for the bunch of test frameworks and techniques I noticed in the list. I offer my project as your technology test bed, and you can
profit with the demos :)

Tack Jfokus !