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Why don't open source developers help make open source java real?

Posted by flozano on March 15, 2005 at 11:36 AM PST

In spite of all the rants about the need of open source Java, the open source / free software community itself is doing very little to make it real.

Not to disregard the efforts of the kaffe, gcj, classpath teams and other involved with F/OSS Java VMs, but what are big open source java projects from Apache Jakarta and Eclipse, small projects like HSQLDB and JUnit, and even individual open source developers, doing to help them?

I remember a few months ago someone posted at an Apache mailing list a complain about the huge help the foundation provided to identify and fix bugs on Sun Java, receiving almost nothing in return. He asked, why weren't some of these efforts spent trying to identify where and how to improve kaffe and etc so they become reliable platforms for running apache software?

Now I ask the same question for open source developers in general: Why don't you spend a little time testing your apps under kaffe and/or gcj? If only to provide them useful bug reports. But most things that prevent current applications to run under these free JVMs are just a few lines of code away, if some more developers decide to contribute patches.

After all, if the community itself don't think F/OSS Java is worth their time and efforts, why should Sun think different?

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