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I wanna a real NetBeans Day

Posted by flozano on March 20, 2006 at 6:50 AM PST

Remember last year's JavaOne NetBeans Day? It was more about JavaStudio than Creator. I hope this year we have an event centered on NetBeans itself and less on the closed forks maintained by Sun.

NetBeans has a very active community and interest in it is growing because of the unique features of the open source software base, but Sun people always look more interested on marketing the closed derivatives than the open source project itself. I was disappointed every time I read a blog or saw a presentation about NetBeans that spent more time on Java Studio Creator and Enterprise than on what I could do with Netbeans itself.

I don't want to see previews of the next JavaStudio releases. I want to see previews of what NetBeans developers are doing as open source software I can get from CVS and try right now (and maybe contribute to). I don't want to learn about all the nice features JavaStudio offers me -- for this I can ask for a Sun representative to visit me, or I can go to the JavaStudio web site, or I can also join SDN and have the CD mailed to me.

It has not been very honest from Sun to use the NetBeans brand as a disguise to market JavaStudio. If you want, host a JavaStudio day also, But please, don't mislead me again to see a NetBeans presentation or article when what I'll really get is a JavaStudio advertisement!

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