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How far is fidji - Reloaded

Posted by forax on November 15, 2006 at 6:24 AM PST

This blog is an infrared echo to Matthias Ernst's last post
titled "How far is fidji".

  1. get rid of checked exceptions :

    For me the problem is not checked/unchecked exception
    but the fact that in the JDK, some places abuse of checked
    exceptions like reflection, rmi etc.
    I agree with matthias that it could be easy to add a keyword
    to transform or not xhecked exception to runtime exception
    but a checked exception like IOException is vital for a decent
    programming language. You can't reuse a lib that performs
    networking and get rid of checked exceptions.

  2. fill the void :

    One proposed annotation of the JSR 305
    is about that.

  3. add type inference for locals:

    I totally agree with matthias, you don't have to declare
    local variable if you won't. And i hope it will be included
    into dolphin. C# has already that with the keyword var.

  4. add reliable closing of iterators in the for-each loop:

    I prefer to use a JDK method for doing that, by example,
    using the proposed for syntax by neal gafter.

  5. Resource literals:
    The ressource section of the JSR 277 is not
    a mecanism close to what matthias want.

So I don't know how far we are from Fidji but i know
that we are not so far from Java :)

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