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Kitchen Sink Language and local keywords

Posted by forax on January 15, 2007 at 2:54 AM PST

The Kitchen Sink Language (or ksl)
is open here :,
so i hope that the next version of my prototype
will be the ksl trunk.

Before trying to commit compiler patches that introduce
local variable type inference or properties to the ksl trunk,
i think i will write a small patch that enable the use
of local keywords.

Local keywords

What is a local keyword ? A local keyword is a
keyword that is only enabled at some locations
in the grammar and that is considered as an
identifier elsewhere.

It will ease anyone to introduce
new keywords like property, indexer, dynamic
or <insert your favorite keyword here>.

Just a word about properties, i have read lot of blogs about
that, i have even dreamed about that this week end
(a kind a nightmare in wich a property told me that
she needs to be bound).
So i have decided to take some rest.


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