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Property and bean spec

Posted by forax on January 8, 2007 at 2:20 PM PST

Among the questions about my
property proposal and its implementation.
One can be answered easily.

Why don't provide property change support ?

Because there are several ways to implement a property change support
depending on what you want.

I've try to categorize them, conbinations are possible:

  • Listener and event
    can be at least the following couple:
    an PropertyChangeListener,/IndexedPropertyChangeEvent,
    or the swing lightweight ChangeListener/ChangeEvent.

  • Register/unregister listeners
    Listeners are stored in a collection, but which one ?
    A list or a set. Is the collection threadsafe,
    using synchronized blocks, locks or other concurrent mecanisms ?
    The traversal is in ascending, descending or any order.

  • Listener and thread
    The listener method is called by the current thread,
    another thread (using by example an executor) or
    a special thread (like the EventDispatchThread).

I hope you are convinced.



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