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Netbeanize Tatoo: the weirdest error, i have ever seen

Posted by forax on October 25, 2007 at 5:47 AM PDT

Yesterday, one of the user of
(a compiler compiler) email me because
he wants to contribute but he wasn't able to compile Tatoo
in Netbeans without any errors.

My first thought was something like "you want to hack Tatoo
but you are not able to configure your IDE, hoho"

Tatoo currently compiles with an Ant script or using Eclipse,
why not try to compile it using Netbeans by myself,
after all, reading some recent
it seems that Netbeans is
a good competitor of my "old buddy" Eclipse.
And better, there is a netbeans plugin that can import an
eclipse project in Netbeans. Cool, nothing to do.

The Ant script of Tatoo is a little bit complex,
some parts are bootstraped, the Tatoo grammar compiler
is created using Tatoo. So I was prepared to
have to add classpath and other gory details by hands.

So I tried the import assistant, super, no problem,
the import works. But after one or two seconds
the Netbeans editor raises the weirdest error I have ever seen.
I take a shoot.


If you don't see the problem,
the compiler emits an error because
it doesn't find a class that is in the same package,
strange, is it ?
Moreover, at the same location, it emits a warning
saying that the class is in the same package
so I don't need to import it. duh ??

So i've reverted my opinion about the contributor
that use netbeans every day, he is able to hack Tatoo :)