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Resurrect dolphin

Posted by forax on October 14, 2007 at 6:19 AM PDT

This morning is was in my shower, thinking about life, sea etc,
when the word 'dolphin' pop in my mind.

It instantly remember that day, when SUN management decide to
stop using codenames.

I am certainly a geek but i was shocked and, for me,
this day will always be a day in gray.
Afterall, SUN decide to kill dolphin.

I always think it's a little bit easier to try
to explain to anyone that you have spent a whole night on ladybird
than on jdk7 :)

I think it's time to resurrect the dolphin.
Now, the openjdk is an opensource project, lead by a community
not by some managers and lot of opensource softwares have a codename
Gran Paradiso,

So i officialy request to be able to use dolphin
as codename for openjdk7.

I wait your comment and hope your support.


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