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JDK7 Milestones

Posted by forax on May 4, 2009 at 7:41 AM PDT

It seems that lot of people don't notice that
there is a roadmap for jdk7.


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@fabrizio, good points, but... I'm not happy enough to not fall in the Java Trap, if this means that Oracle could screw up with future releases. I won't be happy enough to use Java 6 forever just because it is open source while all commercial Java products move forward with loads of new cool stuff. Yeah the FOSS community could reimplement anything that's not contributed by Sun/Oracle in the future, but it's a Sysyphus work and a game that we just can't win, remarkably without open specs and open JCKs. On the Java IP issue, I don't see much problem... if the JSR starts now Sun would be the spec lead, if it starts later that would probably be Oracle, but I just don't se any difference, anything that Sun is doing today should already be under some level of Oracle validation. And if you mean that Oracle could decide to just not do a JSR so they can keep JDK 7 for themselves or just for paying customers or licensees, well, that would kill Java big time, I for one would start learning .NET the next day even if that's just an emotional response. ;-)

... the Java trap HAS gone ...

I don't underestimate the power of FUD and I don't believe Sun is doing. IMHO the point is that, frankly speaking, Java IP has a different monetary value in the case Sun opens the JSR and that monetary value is part of the deal with Oracle. So I don't expect anything will change until the deal is concluded. Given that, I don't think that the openness of the JSR is of vital importance for adopters (while I understand Apache has got a problem with it), especially if you compare with technologies such as Adobe's and Microsoft's that, in practice, certainly are not more open than Java. The existence of an open implementation is enough for guaranteeing us we aren't in a "trap": Richard Stallman has got an openness attitude which is much more extreme than mine, so if he asserts that the Java trap as gone with the opening of the JDK 6, I guess the thing is fine for us too.

in limbo :)

And where is the *JSR* roadmap?

Yep, and until it moves out of that limbo, critics can keep bitching with reason on their side: This status of the most important Java platform also creates a lot of uncertainty in these already-uncertain times of the Oracle's acquisition... if the people behind JDK 7 (who are making a great job in implementation) are sensitive to community worries, they should publish an initial Java SE 7 JSR as soon as possible, no matter how raw. You should not understimate the power of FUD. I can already see PMs and CIOs being talked to pick WebSphere instead of Glassfish, AIR instead of JavaFX, or even .NET instead of Java, because the entire bag of Java tech and specs are still surrounded by many question marks until Oracle dots the i's and crosses the t's with some official statement about the future of each project. Until the fat database lady doesn't sing, moves that Sun could do (I guess) like starting the Java SE 7 JSR or releasing the full JavaFX under an open source license would help a lot.