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The seven small languages changes that will be in JDK7

Posted by forax on August 29, 2009 at 7:08 AM PDT

Joe Darcy has revealed the changes accepted to be included in JDK7 on coin-dev mailing list

And the final Project Coin changes accepted are:

  1.     Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation (diamond) 
  2.     Simplified Varargs Method Invocation
  3.     Strings in switch
  4.     An omnibus proposal for better integral literals
  5.     Automatic Resource Management
  6.     Language support for JSR 292
  7.     Language support for Collections

I think this set of proposal is coherent. Lot of those proposals was already in the starting blocks:

  • Diamond is already implemented, see my previous blog entry.
  • Simplified varargs is just a matter to add a new warning, so not a big deal.
  • String in switch. A little more complex but not that hard.
  • Better integral literals, the unsigned syntax need to be explored and implementation will be straighforward.
  • ARM block, need to be implemented but the current spec is crystal clear.
  • Language support for JSR292, There is already an implementation available in javac.
    I hope the JSR292 Expert Group will close the last corner cases during the JVM Summit, in two week.

About Language support for collections, hum, I was a complete surprise for me, knowing that Joe said more than one time than only 5 proposal will live in jdk7.
This proposal is a mix of two proposals:

  • Josh Bloch has proposed a syntax pretty clear for collection initialisation and
  • Neal Gafter has proposed a translation scheme to implement indexer.

And in my opinion, there are still lot of work on an unified proposal before its inclusion.
The deadline is short, end of October, I think help of the community is needed so if you want to see
a better support for collection in Java,

join us on coin-dev list and help to define/implement this feature.


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