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Take that Google

Posted by forax on October 11, 2010 at 3:03 PM PDT

In a single move, IBM to join OpenJDK, Oracle kicks the Google's butt twice.

I can't restrain myself to read the press release like this:

  1. Oracle is also an Open Source champion.
  2. Sorry but your Android is based on a dead project (ironically named Harmony).

It's most probably unfair, but I find this move is brilliant.
So Google is the fall guy ... until the next press release :)



I really do not see how the

I really do not see how the law suite was a kick butt, and now pulling IBM from Harmony is again a kick butt. Specially when still its not sure who will win the suite. Lets consider the worst case, that Google will loose, what will happen then? I will say nothing, its not a rally biggie for Google to implement sub set of class libraries (but not hole as Java) by themselves.

Second thing is, pulling IBM from Harmony might create some impact on Harmony project, but I really don't think that it will be really biggie again. I understand author's comment "dead project (ironically named Harmony).", because he is from Oracle/Sun, which has parallel product.

There is no doubt that the author is biased or don't really know what he is talking about. All he is doing is speculating and making random comments, that anything Oracle does against Google is kick butt ;)

Larry acquires Sun and run

Larry acquires Sun and run some ads "We have a full stack and we are comming for you IBM" and shortly after Larry is now dragging IBM with a leash around IBMs neck - I'm impressed! :) But post-trial Oracle will still only have javame which will continue to be unattractive while Google will continue its success with Android and have won over the devs who don't like Oracles aggressive patent game..

It is not that big for Google

It is not that big for Google to move forward with Java for Android based on Harmony. Think! They should not support that bloated Swing /Awt code. They could just remove this garbage. It leaves rather compact code to support/develop.

It may be brilliant for the

It may be brilliant for the legal point of view. But in the mobile area Oracle/Sun has nothing even close to Android. J2ME is dead for some years, Personal Java is dead, SavaJ is dead as well (aka J2SE mobile device). JavaFX was dead from the start. So Oracle has nothing today except of cause this brilliant move :)

Let me guess...You#re using

Let me guess...You#re using an iPhone...

Android is amazing because

Android is amazing because Google has done so well. If android is stopped, it'll be a serious loss for consumers (and developers). I just don't see how that's a win for oracle/sun.

Yeah. The article states

Yeah. The article states that its bad if you are a "Google or an Android developer." I'm neither, but what about consumers? People who are looking to Android for a way out of the lock-in of Apple and Microsoft? Oracle is making enemies out of the people who they most want to be future customers.

Take that Google

Brilliant, is brilliant. And it makes clear which is Oracle's strategy, lawsuit included. To understand whether is good or bad for the community will take some time.

BTW, while this is probably a sink for Harmony, is not automatically a sink for Android: Google is clearly able to sustain the development on its own, but "alone" also adds another perspective. It's clear that Oracle wants Google to align on OpenJDK too.

Take that Google

Don't underestimate the cost of developing something as big as the JDK.

I don't think that aligning Android library to use OpenJDK is easy because Android Java library use Apache licence (ASL) which is know to be incompatible with the GPLv2.


I am afraid they do not need

I am afraid they do not need to develop full JDK as you see it. Google needs just some of JDK packages for Android. The list of the packages needed is pretty short. You do not all Swing /AWT stack.