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Embedding Apache Derby in Mozilla Firefox demo posted

Posted by forsini on April 29, 2006 at 11:34 PM PDT

This demo showcases Java DB (based on Apache Derby) running embedded within a web browser.

At the present time, this demo runs on Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Navigator web browsers - The HTML and javascript would have to be modified in order to run on other web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This Web application demonstrates how an embedded database can be used to persist data from a tax return being created either online or offline. The application can be deployed manually or automatically using Sun's Java Plug-in with installing the application as a Java Extension.

Apache Derby will run embedded within the browser and act as a local storage and cache for this last one.

You can now get all the information about the demo embedding JavaDB within a web browser, which was shown at ApacheCon 05'.

Direct link to the demo information page can be found at

The minimal requirement for the demo is to install Sun's Java plug-in extension for the web browser. This demo does not run on Apple Mac OS X yet (work in progress).

You can also read some additional information on a previous blog entry.

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