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Java and Java island, The Next Big Thing in Indonesia happens

Posted by fthamura on June 11, 2007 at 10:44 PM PDT

This is my first blog @, and thx to Felipe Gaúcho that asked me at JavaOne to post here.

He said to me, that will put you in a next new level, and now here am i. Hope i can be part of the next big things.

I blog this directly from Java island, and we here try to flattening the world, and hope i will become one of the flattener.

Java has a big attraction here in Indonesia, esp in Java Island, we have JENI (, the one stop services from our education ministry to all our students, and this is of course a collaboration jobs between JUG Indonesia and Sun Microsystems Indonesia and his partners. JENI is an acronym of Java Education Network Indonesia, a Java Center for our Education Network (

JENI also use JEDI ( as the basis of the Java education curriculum. All the material now translated, and can be download there. Thx for your hard work JEDI team. Now we can penetrate Java faster than ever and cheaper.

We try to collaborate with the movement, this is me.

If you are Indonesian, please join to JUG Indonesia by sending email to, and please fill the profile information.

If you are Java educator, please join our JENI Forum.


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