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Integrated Curriculums to Transform Indonesia, from Highschool to Undergraduate program of Software Engineering

Posted by fthamura on March 27, 2010 at 11:03 PM PDT

In 2001, i create a small prototype of application platfrom called cimande, and now in 2010, the project become one of the case study of a lot of people, and the movement getting strong. A lot of companies try to use and also create a smiliar project like we did here. Strange, need 9 years to make people in this country understand the power of this. But none of us here, create a model like we did, Open Sourcing the code to the public, our first release around April 2001, and we keep contributing, and we have more than 30 projects using cimande, which cimande is part of the BlueOxygen project umbrella.

In 2003, I try to make a community, and now we have a well known communitry called JUG Indonesia, the good think of JUG Indonesia, one of the most focus and biggest focus group esp in development, have successfully help a lot of the members get better job, abroad and get the best position. 

In 2007, We launch JENI, the Java Education Network Indonesia, we extend the program from JEDI (, and now mostly students using it as reference, even we want to make sure that every university, politechnics and highschool that adopt it to submit the form, so we know, the penetration of the material. But.. dunno .. we cannot get it, so the data right now that submitted to JEDI is less than the total of people that using it.

In 2008, we launch jtechnopreneur program, an integrated end to end program , to extract and integrate the most popular Java product become a platform for innovation, and help this country which we believe have amazingly bad enterpreneurship aura, we believe that this country cannot compete globally, because the education and environment is not friendly for everyone to open a company I am also feel that, because i hava company here, and the environment amazingly need global power to change the cultural, mental, and also because we have a lot of outstanding esp. goverment sector.


jTechnopreneur Platform

jTechnopreneur Platform, an Agnostic way to create any Java's product.

Take a look of the detail of the jTechnopreneur Platform into a more detail content of product

jTechnopreneur Stacks


Medallion and Chankillo Project under jTechnopreneur Platform


Midas , Yama and BlueOxygen projects under jTechnopreneur Platform


in 2010, we have an amazing progress of our work, I am part of the SKKD (Indonesian Vocational Standard Competency), and hopefully less modification. I try to make a neutral content for vocational, but we have a full stack content using Java, esp in Programming area, Take a look.. below diagram, which we create to simplified the flow.

Vocational Highschool Curriculums

and we work closely with Gunadarma University to integrate Java inside their day-to-day education program, and we also have IBC (Incubator Business Center) to help student to create product, market product.


Software Engineering  Undergraduate Curriculums


What do u think if more than 300.000 students learning this project every year. We need to know our job is good, send me email frans at meruvian dot org if you love this project, and please dont forget fill the Support Form, because our ministery of education doesnt understand most of this, but they know if a lof of companies support this program, they will think that this is a good program.


We have a support program, and we love if you can fill it and send to me. or may be can give us several modification to make our job better.


Please download the support form from here. 






Frans Thamura