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Migrating to, because of JIRA.. agile?

Posted by fthamura on March 3, 2011 at 4:47 PM PST

  since 2001, I am using SourceForge, and love to use it, except the approval process. and in several case we register to Google Code. and little work for Github, because of space limit, we cannot move to there. the current kenai version is different. I one of the hater, because the infrastructure, but now.

I hope can become a dedicated FREE services for Java ecosystem, and we are moving mostly the project in SF to, thx to Sonya that give me a lot of quota for the projects. But sad, our old blueoxygen still in pending, but Sonya helping me, i believe in several day, our project move.

Thx for JIRA feature inside, so we can use it, we use dedicated JIRA now, and now we drop the JIRA server, use the JIRA in, because we believe the server will be more stable, rather our server (got thunder, so usually restart every several weeks, that annoying). also have GIT, coo.l, but we still keep the subversion, we still dunno how to collaborate using GIT in a easy and good way.

I am glad if we can have fisheye, hudson, greenhooper plugin for JIRA. and that will become mainstream development server in the world.

let's we see, where will move.. there will be Conf Call for topic for JUG leader, and hope we can get update for those.


we still keep the student work in UGForge, becuse, still dunno how to implement here.

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