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Linking Projects under BlueOxygen with Maven + Student Power of Indonesia

Posted by fthamura on July 8, 2011 at 8:25 AM PDT

We are now success put Cimande to, but of course, because this is our first deployment, so there are bugs that we fix, but hopefully we will fix it shortly, because 55 kids (highschool) waiting for those, and several univ student waiting to start using it. 

Since the blog posting, we found a bugs in dbunit in our code, but that wont stop me to blog here.

U can try our cimande-archetype, our own workspace platform, that now hosted in, after 10 years (since june 2001), hosted in We love ur issues in JIRA that hosted also in

Just test our archetype, by using below syntax

mvn archetype:generate 

mvn hibernate3:hbm2ddl -> generate table schema


 The code honestly is not the blank-archetype that i want, but there is an example based on our JENI 5 handon material (JENI is an Java education project lead by ministery of education in Indonesia). The current cimande project is more RESTfull, we use Struts2 as the Controoler framework.

We have also the cousin of Cimande, name Yama, hosted also in, but the yama is under, cimande under A competition project huh!!!, yess..!! we want to know more about SpringMVC, but I have been dedicated to long to Struts2 (honestly to WebWork since it 2.x).

The cimande is our core of all blueoxygen project, and now we move all the project using cimande, we have 23 projects in blueoxygen, and thx to Sonya Barry that gave me privilage to create 40 projects.

The next project that will be in is aroma, our survey management online (with survey designer for 13 question type). Aroma is a core for 2 projects under blueoxygen, name brigade -- exam online solution-- (formely jen1us, also hosted in and papaje (a job marketplace with DISC aptitute test), all using the question model from aroma. We have also starting a project to manage community, and will be run on Aroma, name still in progreess..

This is the ilustration about relationship between cimande -> aroma -> and another project that need aroma library.

and blueoxygen is one of our big project umbrella.

This is the integrtion diagram, every box = 1 project.

Mostl our work under subversion, this is because i am to lazy to learn GIT, and in current Meruvian positioning, we need a tutorial, so every kids in 15 years old can use it.. Honestly we teach Java for 15 years old high school student, please visit, for our activities.

Mostly the student also must speak in Java event. so we have 15 years old - 19 years old Java speaker in Java seminary, or in Java Meet Up.

These are Vicky and Dian, our main core developer, that hacking my cimande core and change to Maven.

They are smester 3 in Gunadarma University (19 years old), took the jTechnopreneur Special Track, demo-ing their work in our camp, in the front of the people.


The interesting of their work, we will do a roadshow to every highschool in our country, and this is the 15 years old speaker that roadshow to 6 cities all over Java island. 

Netty demo-ing her Android apps, and now the Android part our Meruvian Midas Project (, sorry the source still somewhere in another cimande svn.

These are the team for the roadshow.

Lucky, one of the intership student, and also the roadshow team, also the winner of ICT competition in West java, also demo the AJAX based time sheet solution, called genta (, we move and extend the genta with 2 our project management solution (ramen and kolera). 

The Genta project honestly based on my timesheet work when working in Andersen Business Consulting, and i found mostly the alumni use it in his/her company, may be alumni of AABC that read this blog, can try the Genta Project.

 Imagine how many project in if every student host 1 project in

I am still seeking archeture behind, is it the best host for all this work?