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Posted by fthamura on June 29, 2012 at 1:19 PM PDT

almost one year or may be more.. we stop using, and we use, yes.. move totally*.

We love the, because there are several feature inside, such as multiple svn in one project, a lot of project, fast response and support from Sonya.


yes.. JIRA inside, integrated with the username, so we can have total integration, and if someone hack. we can ask Oracle team to help our user.

Several case happen, because post Oracle vs Google in Android, and we are using Android. We feel that Android like step son or illegitimate/illicit hot son. My believe, Java is an orgy support technology, more derivative more cool, see how Eclipse Link vs Hibernate vs OpenJPA. You can sleep with anyone of them, and if you want "orgy" style, use the JPA.

Java guy must learn from Society Finch which distribute across India (brown white pattern) and South East (dark brown and white) rather Gouldian Amadin Finch (from Australia that endanger). FYI, JUG have a mascot called JUGGY, it is a java finch, an endangered species in Java island, but I hear a crowd in Hawaii, and multi strain in Netherland.

the project in growing as crazy, usually after we success make first product, move to, yes we have less people that can manage the server, in several case, I dont trust well with our technician's professionalisme, i think if we have a more professional team here, the topic will different.

Thx to team that sponsor so we have server for do anything. Another one is, our own implementation of OpenStreetMap, yes both in IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange), a private own backbone, which our goverment wanna to create another... but need years and good presiden to start.. and we dont have yet..

I am a long JIRA Client from ALMWork user, and i ask team (with several email), asking to make alink for JIRA Client, so all use can use the JIRA Client under JIRA. this is the issue number.

Now we have our own JIRA in our server again, because project grow fantastically, and 100% OpenSource...and is not support JIRAClient, yet...
Sad, no one followup and process, even the owner of ALMWork, agree to give the speciesl free license, because is using non JIRA OPenSource License, but Commercial License..

So, now we move the JIRA from to our own JIRa.. sound stupid right.. :) wish can migrate all the issue from's jira to our own JIRA. again after years using and our own JIRA.

We still see a cool platform for development, because Sonatype guy inside, so we can use nexus and integrate to maven, yes .. our projects now in Maven Central, compare to, we cant do that, and support from both Oracle/Sonatype are fast.

Hey, we found this, yes google code also support to deploy to Maven Central. and accidently, my hosting sponsor said that International connection if our focus are global rather local under Indonesia, I must wait his company become a NAP company.. mm and it is in progress. and must wait with uncertain time.

now, we use Google Code.. this is ours.., we try to get alternative, because we cant push the issue, and we feel manage the JIRA with JIRAClient is awesome..and why should we buy, if we dedicated to OpenSource, and ALmWork agree to provide the license..picky?

Yes, we use google code, because we trust the wont down... still proving this, and Sonya said in the mailing list the budget to manage far bigger than Sun provide.. but strange still can down, manage by #1 biggest Enterprise Software company, which help a lot of companies to manage their system.. They cannot manage their own.. NB: we have several down project like this :)...using best software, like our tax system, a multi million (dozen) project US$ not in Rupiah (1 US$ = Rp. 9500), hugh for a US$ 400/month programmer sallary..

so, what do u think of our problem? I believe we are the biggest and more than anyone in this country, produce OpenSource, and release consistently in last 12 years, start from Cimande in June 2001.

We have problem with "funding" to manage our own SourceForge to serv global community, but yes we have for local community, but today we are in globalization. ORacle try to learn how to make trusted services for OpenSource.. and shock think, they use for their own project.. this is not a 99.999% system, but heavily integrated, direct link with JUG, but we love the illegitimate java son called Android. We need a place to forgot this bad court and keep inovation. sound politics ;)... yes Java is a political product anyway.

suggestion and comment welcome...

NB: everything in the end, solved if you have money, but several case make, we must think like this.. and 12 years we are self sponsor and survive dude.. :) from Sun to ORacle, never support our work here... damn, it is painfull to survive in this country to become global step 1 :) but i am glad, event the #1 company like Oracle also cannot serve.. so, we have chance to become the #1 ;)

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