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Java in Azure and Azure4J

Posted by fthamura on November 6, 2012 at 12:59 PM PST

Has been 6 months, I part of the Azure Insider. I can test Azure here. Yes We have a lot of Cloud environment here, from OpenStack/CloudFoundry to VSphere/CloudFoundry, mostly all PaaS Related which I interest and see value for developer in PaaS World. anyway, there is an initiative related to Paas, called OpenPaaS, please visit

Several interesting work that we has made is to deploy JavaEE application in Cloud esp in Azure in PaaS environment, and months testing. Yes, i it is working. This is the small ebook how to deploy Java Apps in Cloud PaaS, including Azure also. , if you cannot access can download to our knowledge space.

The ebook explain how to deploy our Yama to 6 Clouds. It is a Struts2/Spring/Hibernate mini project), which also hosted in this, take a look, Yama also in Maven Central (thx to that make our project possible part of Maven Central).

We know, the rest of Cloud services which we try, from Jelastic to GAE, they are Java friendly.. this means they are Java supporter, compare with Microsoft. That why i try to blog this here, try to be Azure related.. mmm.. in :)

In the middle of searching how to deploy JavaEE in Azure, amazingly more painfull compare with another Cloud services. I love CloudFoundry compliance which integrate with Eclipse.. and yes Azure also have Eclipse plugins.. but beware if you install it in Mac, the Eclipse only work in Windows environment (hugh!!!!).

We setup SQLServer in our local and we use DataSync to sync the data beween SQLSErver and SQLAzure.

The hibernate work well also in the Azure environment, I am glad our framework run on all cloud system. I tought cannot run on Azure. I still dont know how many people wanna to deploy Java apps in Azure, esp the relationship between Microsoft and Java community is like Heaven and Hell, I never see Microsoft promote Java..

Yes, The Azure can deploy smoothly a JavaEE which we develop.. for future information, please read our first ebook related to deploying Java Apps in PaaS. We are planning to create dedicated Azure related or may be another cloud related also.

The other work in Azure we have done is to create a VM and run CloudFoundry there, of course we install Ubuntu first inside the Azure.

Is this scenario queit strange, because Azure has pass our PaaS test.

We picked this VM implementation scenario because we think about move a VM from VMWare project, OpenStack project etc, to Azure or vice versa.. remember Java is agnostic, I want this behavior. so we can move the whole apps from one system to another cloud system, just copy-ing a vm. Try test this URL, if work our CF still run.. we are on/off those very oftenly to learn how many resource consume in this work.

Now we try to run both Azure with CF and VSphere with CF (thx to our IndonesianCloud for give us the VM for their Vsphere).

We use Eclipse and also command line to deploy the JavaEE, and in several case we upload our apps to the CF environment in both system. For more information, stay tune.. we are writing the tutorial for this case.

for discussing Azure with Java, can visit or the mailing list!forum/azure4j

for cloudfoundry we setup or visit

NB: Anyway, The Java community program in Indonesia quiet interesting, Microsoft has become premier sponsor for our Java community program esp Eclipse DemoCamp, compare with Oracle Indonesia or any Java company in this country or Asia Pasific. Silly right!!! Anyway, Microsoft Indonesia has sponsor with budget now for more Java activities. I am quiet strange how can they budget a funding for Java activities, where in he know, that using Windows is a sin in my company. We are BizSpark Network Partner, and also we have Biz Spark Companies, we can use the WindowsServer etc for FREE.