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4 Java World without Java brand

Posted by fthamura on October 19, 2013 at 10:25 AM PDT

a little discussion in a television series here that i am the speaker. the topic is Java. The host, TV Excelence, said any update for Java and why Java is silence now.
I said there are Java worlds which use Java but we cannot said it is Java, but use Java.

1. BigData with Hadoop under Apache , is a new ecosystem that based on Java.
2. Smartphone/Gadget with Android under Google with Apache License (again), and is a new ecosystem we cannot call it Java, because the dalvik is "clean room" of new Java implementation, based on Harmony? this is big, and become mainstream
3. ESB , like an extended Java EE, bring java as connector to any processes, from ERP, CRM, to telcos and banking. I use ServicesMix/Camel/AMQ which also under Apache.
4. Cloud Computing, starting with CloudFoundry that use SpringSecurity's UAA with full Java Cloud Computing Platform called CloudStack (under Apache)

We can see most of them use JavaSE as their runtime, except Android (fork Apache Harmony?).

With Apache quit from JCP, and Google create his own world under OHA. We can see those "Java" ecosystem is a new Java World in Java World (Java as brand own by Oracle).

Interesting in the User Group development, most of the stacks can be part of JUG, but Android, to strong to said it is not Java :0.. but there is not Andoroid USer GRoup specific in Google, but GDG. Any idea to united the Android, esp after there are Kindler, XiaomiOS?

why apache is become prefered license, take a look Cloudera CDH and RedHat JBoss Fuse, also Apache.

Can we said the new Java ecosystem develop under Apache?