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Sponsor Apache or Buy Subscription from Vendor that sell Apache

Posted by fthamura on July 9, 2014 at 3:08 AM PDT

This year, more more apache based company, I mean that a company that repackage, retest or make a bundle of Apache product, selling product in Indonesia.

And as we know, the ecosystem, like tech guy, expert in our region Asia Pasific, i never see.. but pre-sales and salesman, and industry leader, all over the country.

I make a small theory about this, because most of their product are based on Apache, and in another world, I still cannot make differenciation between the apache and theirs..

And yes, the subscription cost is hugh expensive..

Pivotal selling Tomcat, Hadoop, has office here.
RedHat selling Camel, Tomcat (Jboss EWS),
Cloudera selling Hadoop

The interesting also from Oracle that selling BigData Machine (accidently still no client yet, but I met them from last year about this), and Terradata with Hortonwork, and yup, I am compete with HP-Microsoft that selling Hortonwork (will this client use this).

I am a community guy, grow since highschool in IT computer club, and now manage a lot of IT specific user group, JUG, OpenStack, CloudFoundry, CodeAndroid, Fluider HTML5. and WE use Apache product, very very much, esp Tomcat..

There are a theory in our JUG, an opensource will keep a live when the last contributor use and contribute to it, thx to Sam for this poem. and Inspired me a lot.

So, if we can support Apache keep growing that make the project will long lasting. and subscription fee is amazing expensive, and i bet the cost equal to platium sponsor for Apache.

of course subscription usually have a server to ask, patch, and "consultant" to help.

There are a small discussion, what happen if the expert all over world esp in our region Asia Pasific, joined to a community and we pay them, vs pay subscription of the company, will the system worst than we pay subscription?

This case happened in Spring world, which our JUG discuss it since 2003, and a lot (very a lot) project run on Spring, a lot system run in production with Spring, and in another world Pivotal also have Spring, and never see Spring community development in last 10 year here.. dedicated lead by Spring people. JUG support vs Spring Subscription theory.

I thinking about expert network vs vendor network, and divide of the cost, become foundation sponsor..

but, in several companies, they want real proven support, and should these experts be under a company rather freelancer? or can the expert linked with local companies and sell services to local, I believe the cost of current vendor's subscription - (local cost+expert) still good enough to sponsor foundation and make the expert pay in premium.

NB: because writing this, i think i have new idea ;) will work on this ;).