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Using Nerot for Scheduled Task-based Caching of RSS, HTTP Get, or Custom Java Method Execution Results

Posted by garysweaver on October 28, 2010 at 9:36 AM PDT

If you need guaranteed fast response time and simple caching on an unruly RSS feed, some other HTTP resource accessible via HTTP Get, or for that matter just about any Java static or instance method, check out Nerot.

Nerot uses Quartz, Rome, HttpClient, reflection, and a simple in-memory store to allow you to easily request the scheduling of some action, such as getting a Rome SyndFeed from a pre-configured or runtime defined URL, and then whenever the request is called to get the result, it is just a matter of retrieving the cached result. If you're using Spring, you can just define a bean in your webapp's root context to start the scheduling of the task, and then access it quickly and easily later in the same context or child context.

For more information about Nerot, check out its site or its GitHub project.

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