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Releasing the Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine

Posted by gczaj on June 13, 2005 at 2:21 PM PDT

Welcome to my blog! I would like to invite you to take a look
at the just released
Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine.

The actual technology has proven relatively easy to implement and
the original release was planned for early 2005. Well, so much
for the plans. A whole bunch of items crept in, all the way from
legal issue to handling large code releases on I guess for a while
my replies to just about any questions about software engineering
will contain something like "... and never underestimate the time
it takes to release code!". OK, enough about the process behind this
release, let's go back to MVM.

MVM is a research modification of Sun's implementation of
J2SE 5.0. In particular, it implements the second Public Review
version of the JSR 121,
also known as the Application Isolation API.
This API adds the analog of a traditional operating system's
address space abstraction (the Isolate class) to the Java
Platform, thereby endowing it with a principled and easily used
process model.

MVM has already proven itself in
the CLDC space
and now
our team
at the Sun Microsystems Laboratories
is looking into ways MVM can improve J2SE and J2EE.
People interested in the scalability of the Java platform will
find MVM's start-up time and memory footprint reductions to be its most
interesting aspects. Other users are likely to focus on (and hopefully
like) the Application Isolation API, which in turn enables other technologies,
leading to a more complete and programmable Java platform.

We plan to improve on this initial release. We will add

a resource management facility
, a clustering API,
a service management API
and will update the
Application Isolation API when
its standardization is complete. Work on removing some of the current limitations,
and tuning the implementation is also underway.

We are very interested in
feedback and suggestions - please
share your thoughts with us.

Please note that you'll need to get the

JDK Researcher role
to be able
to download MVM.

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